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Rich Mom

Only if we collaborate, we can be much stronger. When we don’t, we end up surrendering ourselves to the big platform companies and give up a big chunk of our profits. Sharing an e-commerce platform, video studio, workstations, supply sources, sense of camaraderie are the key to the success.

Poor Mom

Even with God-given talents, if you don’t put your talents to the work it can be waisted. We often fail because we mistakenly think we know the trade secrets which no one else knows. Working with others will only expose our know-hows and losing profits. Be a Rich Mom, not a Poor Mom.

Enjoy the Benefits of Collaboration

Our ultimate mission is to help new entrepreneurs to open their own Bella Crown. Independent, royalty-free nationwide beauty store co-op. Wall Street owned retail chain stores are failing, and single mom-n-pop retail stores are also facing challenges by online merchants. It doesn’t mean all online merchants are happy, much of the profits go to advertisement expenses and hefty fees to the platform companies. We must create alternative ways to stay competitive and achieve true financial freedom. We invite you to join this movement.

Sell Your Wigs

The big platform companies take 15 to 30% of sales. If you add Google AD, you get less than the cost of your products. We must build our own.

Host Wig Parties

Our Partners can use our shop space to host a Wig Parties. It is to utilize spaces more effectively and cross-sell marketing. The space is FREE to the Partners.

Use Our Studio

Social media plays a critical role in today's marketing. For our Partners, we provide space and time to shoot photos and video. Free for the Partners

Share Sources

Group buying gives you the competitive edge in price and quality. Access to the sources in a timely manner keeps you ahead. It supports Bella Crown's operation also.

Share Stations

We have three stations at Bella Crown. You can bring your client and provide consultation and quick fitting services for free or with a minimal fee. Use it wisely.

How to Become a Bella Crown Partner

Associate Benefits

  • Sell your wigs on this site
  • Access to wholesale supplies
  • Access to our factories
  • Free business cards (250)
  • Free marketing materials
  • Discounted video production
  • Free social media training

Partner Benefits

  • In addition to all Associate benefits;
  • Access to Share Stations
  • Use of studio
  • Use our space to host your wig parties
  • Free admission to seminars
  • Qualified partner has right to open Bella Crown, independently owned with royalty free.