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How Braided Wigs Are Made

It's a Magic

You no longer have to seat in the chair all day to get your hair braided. No need to suffer hair pulling excruciating pain. With our lace front braided wigs, you can enjoy all the benefits of braiding.

    • Your behind will thank you.
    • Its cheaper than going to a braid shop
    • You can take it off anytime. Its a wig.
    • No more hair pulling pain and hair loss.
    • Ability to maintain your own hair

Its All About Design

Perhaps because she grew up in fashion city Paris, design is only thing Izat does and does amazingly well. Even when she braids clients’ hair, she designs, even when she sleeps she designs. That’s what Izat does. 

One size doesn’t fit all. Everyone has unique characteristics and generate different energy. Design is to amplify that energy.”