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Wig making tradition hasn’t changed much for hundreds of years. While robots can make automobiles, and AI can think for us, all wigs are still made by hands. Factory-made wigs are great, and it’s cheap, but it just doesn’t look complete. Wig sales are rapidly growing and we predict they will continue to grow next two decades. As more people wearing wigs, more people want customized wigs. Styled, colored, sized to their desire.

If you are a crafty person, comfortable with needle and thread, who also know how to style hair, you may want to consider a new career as a Wig Specialist.

Indianapolis, IN
Wig Styling Class - 2-days course
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Dominican Republic
2-days of Wig Styling Course and 2-days of Custom Wig Course
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Atlanta, GA
2-days of Wig Styling Course
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Wig Specialist Class

Traditionally, the wigmakers were taught generation to generation. In the YouTube era, wig making skills can be transferred easily through a phone screen. If you are a crafty person, you can figure it all out even without attending YouTube University. We encourage you to learn about wigs in any way or form.

For those who want to start a wig business or services on a strong foundation, we prepared classes below. You may be already familiar with some or many subjects listed below, and this class will reconfirm your knowledge which may boost your confidence. Upon completion of all classes, you will be a certified Wig Specialist.


Only for Non-Cosmetologist
$ 90 3 class hours
  • Sanitary, Hygen
  • Professional Ethics
  • Basic Marketing

Understanding Wigs

Enter your description
$ 100 3 class hours
  • Wig Maintenance
  • Wig Styling
  • Practical Consultation

Customizing Styles

Enter your description
$ 150 3 class hours
  • Wig Coloring
  • Wig Styling
  • Wig Alteration

Custom Made Wigs

Wigs for Cancer Patients
$ 200 4 class hours
  • Sizing, Constructing Caps
  • Ventilating, Utilizing Materials
  • Order Filling

It Takes a Village

"This is a brilliant idea. Handmade Wigs Partnership Program will definitely will help me in getting into beauty business. You will need lots of partners to launch this project. I will pray people will come together."

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This program is real. It is most promising way to get into beauty business without burden of financial resources or time. Our goal is to watch your business grow and opening your own Bella Crown. This is entirely new concept of business and we don't have all the answers yet. But together, we can build an ideal business model.