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About us

We are building a new platform for all Wig Specialists to bring out their creativity and craftsmanship in custom wigs, handmade wigs, fashion wigs, and medical wigs.

Hype on Wigs

Wigs to Show, Not to Hide

Social media are changing our lives. IT is advancing way too fast for all of us to catch individually. We must collaborate with many other professionals to stay competitive. Our mission is to bring all different professionals to come together to create synergy and stay ahead of competitors.

Need for New Generation of the Wig Specialists

Calling for Wig Specialists

Indie brand is a movement, and it will continue to be. Become a Wig Specialist and provide customized wig services to your clients in your area. Make custom wigs with your unique brand name. Sell it on your social media, sell it through Apply for our course and become a Wig Specialist.

Indie Movement Calls for Custom Wigs

Individuality, Not a Factory Wigs

The beauty supply wigs are great and cheap. But there are more people out there who want it individually styled or made only for her. They don’t want to “buy” a hairstyle, they want to “do” a hairstyle. Every single wig we sell is handmade individually by certified Wig Specialists.

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