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The Yara Hype Explained

The Versatile Yara: A Wig Design The Brings Mother and Daughter Together

By: Young Writer, Courtney Diggs for CosmoBiz

Wig designers of today not only incorporate current trends into their wig designs, but also trends of the past. One legendary hairstylist in specific, whose expertise has been used when constructing wigs, is Vidal Sassoon. Sassoon experimented with hair cuttery for years and soon came to create his own landmark in the hair industry: angled cutting. Sassoon went beyond the traditional way of doing hair during his time and created a trend that is still prevalently seen in hair today.

A line of wigs named “Yara” recently hit shelves in stores and the beauty of the hair was stunning. The synthetic is straight as a pin needle with the length of a long bob. It it cut precisely at a declining angle on both sides of the wig, creating a high-low effect on the hair. This type of haircut perfectly displays the work of Vidal Sassoon with his geometric cuts. This characteristic, though, is not the only one that shines through in the Yara wig line.

Millennials have created the trend of looking as naturally fake as possible. The hypocritical trend sounds impossible to create, but the Yara line defied the odds. The realistic touch and feel of real hair create a natural illusion to the fact that the hair is made of synthetic fibers. Though the cut of the hair is completely un-natural, it is offsetted by the natural movement of the hair. All of these characteristics play into the millennial trend and even gives a closer look into who millennials are.

The hypocritical aspect of the Yara line of wigs play a very big part in describing what a millennial is. The synthetic fibers of the hair created to be soft define how millennials take different paths in life that seem untraditional. The precisely straight cut of the Yara wigs show the strength and resilience in millennials that continuously keeps them pursuing after their dreams, even if times look as though they are getting tough.

The Yara line is not any ordinary set of wigs. The purpose of the wig is deeper than just to make its user look beautiful. Yara defines a generation with no set rules, just fluidity. It defines a hypocritical trend that cannot even be understood by most. Yara has defied all odds of the expectation of wigs and created a new landmark in the hair industry that may come to be seen more often than before.

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